Yes, I hate bugs.  However, occasionally, they are fun to draw.  Here are two, both in coloured pencil.


Florida Sketches

Here are two sketches I did whilst in Florida.  We stayed at Cape Canaveral and spent many happy days on the beach. While not particularly good (palms are hard to draw!), they are decent enough that someone may get a bit of enjoyment out of them.

This palm tree was outside our condo.  The entire area was virtually infested with Peacocks and whilst I was drawing, one ambled into view.  I decided I needed to include him.

These Sand Pipers are delightful little birds.  They run in and out from amongst the surf, pecking their beaks into the sand to forage for morsels. 



Here are some older drawings I did.  All of them date back to about 2006-2007.

Sharpie and Ink.

Nothing fun about Lenin or Communism, but their propaganda sure is fun to draw.  Pencil.  

Some sort of Raptor.  Pencil.


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